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Te prometi que haria uno cada semana y te prometi que lo terminaria el dia de tu cumpleaños.

Lamentablemente por falta de mas creatividad no pude.

Pero TE PROMETO que lo terminare 🙂

Espero te este haciendo sonreir.

Muchos te extrañan, y me incluyo en muchos, aunque no te haya conocido en persona pero si en historias. Tu sonrisa me transmite mucho, asi como la amabilidad de tus papas y lo dulce de tu hermano.

Espero estes muy bien y te esten cuidando mucho.

Te deseo lo mejor del mundo en este dia, el dia de Karen.


Un beso



I just want to talk about a lovely shoes brand from Venezuela. It is called Hot Chocolate Design.

Born in 2004 surrounded by collections of toys, magazines, packaging and good old music, the smell of nostalgia gave the brand its essence

Designers are Aguerrevere Pablo Martinez and Carolina and their store is located in Caracas, Venezuela. But you can find their shoes in  many shops around the country.

I have an obsession with their shoes, and every time I go I try to get myself a new pair.

Well I did it!! And I got this pair

I had that pair before and they were my favourite ones. But when they broke few months back I was dreaming of having them again.

This is another pair I own.

I love how they are ODD shoes. I have 4 pairs and I have another one going around in my head, so… Mother’s Day? Valentine? Birthday? Husband, I know you read this blog, so take notes.

I can’t wait now for the summer to wear them.

Have a look at their website, I am sure you will fall in love. These are other favourites.

High heels

Mini. For little girls (I wish they will make these in adult sizes)

Have fun browsing


We are back from Venezuela (well, we  came back last week) and I am still trying to get things back to normal. We had a lovely 4 weeks holiday there. We didn’t have the chance to travel around the country this time as there was a bug going from one family member to another (including us), so while some of us recovered there was another one staying in bed. Me and my husband always try to go somewhere nice without having the kids. And the kids are always happy to stay with TITI (pronounced TEE-TEE) and ABUELO (Grandpa in spanish), but as they were sick at some point as well we thought  it was not nice to leave them with two VERY energetic children :-). So we stayed in the city enjoying every water park and swimming pool there was.

I enjoyed sunbathing while my brother and my husband took the kids to every slide, pool or “slow river” (as they call it in the park) they wanted to go.

 We had a really nice Christmas Eve Dinner. I decorated a little bit.

And then, the best part was New Year Eve, at my grandma’s house. My sister organised some games for us to play, everyone went crazy and we all had a BLAST!!! Do you want to see how much??? 😀

My younger brother, uncle and cousin wearing some funny wigs and celebrating the pass from 2011 to 2012.

And because I like laughing at myself as well here are me and my sister having fun as well.

Let 2012 be a crazy, funny and successful year!!!!!!!

I will resume the crafting/sewing thing soon. I have been working in some ideas 🙂


We, Socks, formed a support group for all of us who has lost our beloved other half.

They were last seen going  inside a place called LAUNDRY BASKET, and don’t know if they went into the WASHING MACHINE or the DRIER, where we went.

Here is a picture of us, and we all have IDENTICAL TWINS.

We hope we can find them quickly, as our “person” has a crazy mum who is thinking to go 80s and start dressing him Punky Brewster style.



[These are REALLY just SOME of my boys LOST socks I got from their Missing socks basket] 🙂

I still do silly things, I DO, A LOT!!

But I just miss the innocence.

Not knowing about BAD NEWS around the world.

I guess I should just get rid of the TV … and the internet …  and the phone.

Or maybe we could just move to a desert island in the Caribbean. NICE!!! (are there still desert islands?)

Or we can go and live here, in a colourful house with balloons, next to the fall.

Maybe one day!! 🙂


ps: I forgot to say I am the one in the middle, next to my sister and one of my brothers