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This year theme for my kid’s school Disco was Winter Wonderland and I was extremely happy to help with the decorations. I helped last year as well, but I didn’t get any good picture of it 😦

When I was in primary school back home in Venezuela, we used to make a snowman out of plastic cups every Christmas. Coming from a city known as “The Beloved Land of the Sun”, I think that was the only way to have a snowman for the whole Christmas season. So I felt ecstatic to make one for the school. There couldn’t be a Winter Wonderland without a Snowman.


I tried to find used plastic cups (I was going to fully clean them, of course) so we could have a really eco-friendly snowman, but it was not possible. I contacted people in charge of races because they usually use cups to give water to the racers, and then there are all this cups on the floor, but all of them were giving bottles instead of cups, and even though I couldn’t find the cups I was happy to hear they were making a more eco-friendly choice.

To make the snowman I arrange the cups next to each other until I had a circle and stapled them together, and then I just placed cups on the top staple them all together, making different layers until you have a  half sphere.

Then just turn it over and make two or three rows of cups (I made two). One half of the snowman (the top) is DONE!

Make the same again for the lower part of the snowman, but don’t make a full half circle, just three rows of cups on each side.

Join the two parts together with Hot Glue and that’s it, you have a Snowman ready to be dressed!!!.

I also put a battery operated lamp inside it, because it looked cute.

And this is the final product.

The light couldn’t really be appreciated, but it was there 🙂

Everyone liked it and the kids were really happy with him, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Bye for now!!

I am saying “from the past”, but actually this was done just a couple of months ago.

I like making pinatas as a hobby. I always relax while I am making them, and it is really nice to see how you can take few pieces of card and paper and turn them into something cool.

Few months ago I was requested to make a pinata for a couple that was getting married and they wanted to look like them, and also they requested individual eye masks plus the hitting sticks.

This was the result:

And I loved how funny the eye masks looked.

I am definitely making more for the kids, maybe with tiny holes so they can see (of course!!).

I am thinking of making a little pinata for us. The four of us could go for a picnic at the park and have fun breaking the pinata. Yes, I am definitely doing it, it would be really especial for the summer. I will try to make a tutorial for the pinata.



I just wanted to show you few pictures of my children’s past birthday parties.

I really enjoy this time of the year, every year.  The invites, the pinata, the little presents to take home. I always make a pinata for them.

This one was my little boy’s 2nd birthday party and the theme was MR. MEN:

The cake… (we got it from a big store)

The pinata … poor Mr. Bump

The next one was my big boy’s 6th birthday, and the theme was The Cat in the hat.

Lots of thing were done.

My super clever husband decorated the cake. He said it looked funny, but I loved it!!

I made the fish bowl out of cardboard, and the Cat in the Hat so the children could put their face in the hole and take pictures. It was really fun!!


And I also made each of my sons t-shirts and hats.

For the t-shirts I just made a drawing of Thing 1 and 2 on white fabric and sewed it onto a red t-shirt.

The hat was made using this instructions:

And last, my big boy’s 7th birthday party. The theme: ROBOTS!! (he is obsessed with robots)

Unfortunately I din’t have much time to make lots of stuff for him, so let me show you the pinata.



Again, the children had a SMASHING time, and I am looking forward already to next year.

I will be showing more past parties soon!!



We celebrated our little boy 3rd birthday and we had a LOVELY sunny day with amazing friends.

My little boy really enjoyed his day.

As promised (sorry, one day later) the final picture of Kevin the pinata.

I had lots of fun building it and then watching the kids busting it.

We read the book and we even let some balloons go 🙂

Thanks for reading!!!


A little peek of the pinata.

I will share the final product tomorrow.

Still lots of things to do!!



I am very busy right now preparing a birthday party for my little boy.

He loves the Disney film UP, so that will be the theme. Did you check the badges? I made them with wood, and I am really enjoying finishing them up adding the color and the pin on the back.

But the biggest project is the pinata. I will show a peek of it later. I think it will look great!!





Super ocupada en este momento finalizando los detalles para la fiesta del pequeñin de la casa.

El adora la pelicula de Disney UP, asi que ese es el tema. Vieron las chapas? Las hice de madera, y me estoy divirtiendo muchisimo terminando los detalles.

Pero la parte mas dificil es la pinata.  Mas adelante mostrare un pedacito. Creo va a quedar muy bien!