Every week, for 19 weeks we will be leaving 19 hearts around London in memory of Karen, to make people aware of what is happening in Venezuela. This everyday violence cannot be forgotten.

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Every child is a different kind of flower and all together they make this world a beautiful garden.
– unknown

Part 6: GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital).

For those who don’t know, Great Ormond Street Hospital is a world-famous centre for the treatment of sick children. It was the first in the UK to offer inpatient care to children only, and their motto is “The child first and always”.

So this time, we packed some handmade flowers and sent them.

We really hope these paper flowers/hearts can brighten their day, make them smile, help them recover.

This is for you, Karen. Keep smiling!!

In memory of Karen Berendique, a 19-year-old unlawfully killed in Venezuela.