Every week, for 19 weeks we will be leaving 19 hearts around London in memory of Karen, to make people aware of what is happening in Venezuela. This everyday violence cannot be forgotten.

Por una Venezuela sin balas

“Come on listen to the wind my friend

You can still hear her sing

Come on listen to the wind my friend

She is everywhere” Trouble-Requiem

For Karen and the birds, who can get really close to where she is now.

Place 5: The trees.

My big boy knows why we are doing this, and he was really happy to help giving this gift to the birds.

We made the bird feeders using Vegetarian gelatin, birdseed, some straws and a string.

When they were ready, the rest of the work was for my brave big boy.

He went higher …

And higher…

Until he found the perfect spot on every tree he visited.

And he even got help from some school friends. So cute!! They were really happy looking for a place for the bird food.

We hope they like it.

In memory of Karen Berendique, a 19-year-old unlawfully killed in Venezuela.