Last weekend we spent part of our day at the Tate Modern.

It was a really nice day, even though it was rainy and grey.

Highly recommended is the Yayoi Kusama exhibition that will be on until 5th June 2012

Very interesting work of this Japanese artist and writer whose polka dots and “infinity nets” ideas came from childhood hallucinations.

Part of the exhibition let the children take part in the art. The kids are given a sheet of stickers and into a room where everything is white and they can be free to stick them anywhere. Thousands and thousands of colourful stickers.

While this may suggest an everyday topography drained of all colour and specificity, it also functions as a blank canvas to be invigorated — or, in Kusama’s vocabulary, ‘obliterated’ — through the application, to every available surface, of brightly coloured stickers in the shape of dots.

And if you go to the terrace you will find one of her “Flowers that bloom tomorrow”. Love it!!