We are back from Venezuela (well, we  came back last week) and I am still trying to get things back to normal. We had a lovely 4 weeks holiday there. We didn’t have the chance to travel around the country this time as there was a bug going from one family member to another (including us), so while some of us recovered there was another one staying in bed. Me and my husband always try to go somewhere nice without having the kids. And the kids are always happy to stay with TITI (pronounced TEE-TEE) and ABUELO (Grandpa in spanish), but as they were sick at some point as well we thought  it was not nice to leave them with two VERY energetic children :-). So we stayed in the city enjoying every water park and swimming pool there was.

I enjoyed sunbathing while my brother and my husband took the kids to every slide, pool or “slow river” (as they call it in the park) they wanted to go.

 We had a really nice Christmas Eve Dinner. I decorated a little bit.

And then, the best part was New Year Eve, at my grandma’s house. My sister organised some games for us to play, everyone went crazy and we all had a BLAST!!! Do you want to see how much??? 😀

My younger brother, uncle and cousin wearing some funny wigs and celebrating the pass from 2011 to 2012.

And because I like laughing at myself as well here are me and my sister having fun as well.

Let 2012 be a crazy, funny and successful year!!!!!!!

I will resume the crafting/sewing thing soon. I have been working in some ideas 🙂