Last year, as Christmas gifts to his classmates, my big boy gave some Reindeer Poop and Snowman Poop. For the reindeer droppings we used milk chocolate chips but instead of using marshmallows as Snowman poop we used white chocolate chips. The kids looked very happy with their droppings and I smiled a lot just hearing them say: Look!! I am eating Snowman Poop!!.

This year we didn’t have much time to think about it, December just arrived without realising it. So, to follow the Winter Wonderland theme in school, he gave chocolate bars wrapped as snowmen. For me it looked simpler than last year, but for my B.Boy they were cooler, because he made them almost all by himself.

We got the idea from Martha Stewart, but when we were ready to make them (at around 7pm the day before) I discovered the black stamp pad was completely dried (well, it was a cheap one anyway), so my son got the great idea to draw all the dots with a black marker.

I think they looked super cute, cuter than the ones made with the finger prints, these ones have more personality.