This was another fast, fun and extremely cheap decoration we made for the school.

This is what we used:

– 1 wire clothes hanger

– Fabric scraps (got these from a very kind Freecycler, so they were FREE!!)

– Embellishments for the wreath (I got these from Poundland).

First I cut the hook piece of the hanger and shape the rest as a circle. Then, I just taped it closed.

Cut the fabric material into strips.

With each strip folded in half, make a slip knot around the wire (slip the folded end of the strip under the wire, then pull the two ends through the loop and lightly pull the ends, wiggling back and forth until the knot is tight).

Keep doing this until you have covered all the wire.

Decorate your wreath with the embellishments I attached mine with hot glue (just a tiny bit in each piece)

And here is the result, NO SEWN Winter Wonderland Wreath.

And for the frosty glass on the top of the wreath I followed these instructions by Martha Stewart