Today we woke up to a lovely sunny day and decided to head to the Word Up Festival in Dulwich.

It was amazing! And the boys enjoyed it so much, especially my big boy.

For my big boy, the best part of the festival was to go to the Okido stand. He is a HUGE fan and subscriber of the Okido Magazine and he is always very anxious to receive the magazine on the post, and they were there, on the Festival. He got the opportunity to meet one of the co-founder of the magazine, Sophie Dauvois, and also another part of the Okido team, including her son.

I didn’t realise my b.boy was not ready for the picture (bad photographer!)

He took his own pocket-money and bought one past issue he didn’t have, and because he is a subscriber he also received an Okidoodle Book. He was SOOOOO happy.

The magazine is like The Guardian described it:

There are no free stickers, plastic necklaces or Frisbees. And you won’t find any characters from television, or from Disney films. Yet the children’s magazine Okido is a remarkable success. Launched in 2007, the quarterly comic is no longer stocked only in cutting-edge outlets but in mainstream shops such as Waterstone’s. It has subscribers as far afield as Bangalore and Palestine.

And even the Telegraph gave a very good description:

The magic of Okido is the detail: its size (20 x 20cm) makes it easy for children to hold; recycled paper means that it can be marked with whatever chalk, coloured pencil or felt tip comes to hand (Okido encourages a lot of drawing); it’s a book to keep, rather than a magazine to throw away; and it’s made by artists, not tied to television. There’s origami, games, stories and recipes (eg, pumpkin pancakes and, more startling, fake poo – ‘hide it somewhere fun!’). Each issue has a theme, such as ‘growing’ or ‘brain and dreaming’. And Okido must be the only magazine you can eat. ‘We use vegetable-oil ink, so it’s really eco-friendly,’ says Ortas. (Rachel Ortas, co-founder)

My two boys took also part in their workshop Make your own book, there was binding, printing and origami techniques, they enjoyed it a lot.

I also had the opportunity to meet Tamara Macfarlane, the author of the lovely book Amazing Esme. There was a reaaaaally long queue to have her book signed and we were running out of time so I couldn’t have mine 😦

Hey!!! We also met WALDO. He doesn’t talk very much, but he is very funny. Can you find him?

By this time we were hungry, so we headed outside to find something to eat and decided to go to the Toma Mexicano stand. The BEST decision made. We bought the fajitas (Steak Tacos) and OMG they were DELICIOUS. Those were the BEST fajitas I have ever tasted (And I have tasted really good ones). Just thinking about them makes my mouth water, YUMMY!

The Festival is until tomorrow (Monday 24th October), so if you have a chance GO!!!

Have a GREAT half term!!