We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary few days ago and I wanted to make some decorations for our little dinner together at home.

I did some research to check what type of wedding anniversary we were having (paper, diamond, gold, etc) and discovered we were having an aluminium anniversary.

I wanted to do something like this, but unfortunately I ran out of time and left it until the last minute (well, last day), but my little one got sick that day and all my plans had to change. I already had collected like a dozen of cans and I wanted to put them all over the place.

I am very into buntings right now, making them for the living room, the dining room, the boys bedroom, and they are paper ones, crocheted ones, card ones, etc. So, of course, for this occasion FOIL buntings were PERFECT!!!

I put them all over the ceiling for my husband to find when he came back from work, and he was really happy when he saw it 🙂

I also added a little message: Happy Anniversary, in FOIL as well.

Everything looked really shiny and cute, and we had a really lovely dinner together while the kids were sleeping.

I have 5 years to come with ideas for the next one, a big 15th wedding anniversary!! CRYSTAL!! … tricky 🙂

And for the cans??? They will be used for Halloween!!