Few months back I read this story about Emma:

Emma is eleven years old and loves Blythe dolls, stickers, cooking, writing to her penpals, collecting stickers and everything else that little girls love to do.  She has also recently started undergoing chemotherapy for a growing tumour in her face/neck/head.

They asked people all around the world to do something special for Emma. To send a get well card, a postcard, stickers or anything you could think it would brighten her day and help make her weeks/months of chemotherapy easier.

She received SO many stickers, toys and cards that even a local  newspaper wrote a story about her and her stickers.

Unfortunately, after months of chemotherapy and a surgery, her tumour is back.

So, if you didn’t know this story, please add your well wishes to her and her family, send good thoughts, and if you can, send a special something to keep reminding them there is a lot of people who want her to get well soon.

Here is their address:

Brave Emma
Box 2849
Burleigh Waters, QLD, 4220


And thank you everyone!!!