I am saying “from the past”, but actually this was done just a couple of months ago.

I like making pinatas as a hobby. I always relax while I am making them, and it is really nice to see how you can take few pieces of card and paper and turn them into something cool.

Few months ago I was requested to make a pinata for a couple that was getting married and they wanted to look like them, and also they requested individual eye masks plus the hitting sticks.

This was the result:

And I loved how funny the eye masks looked.

I am definitely making more for the kids, maybe with tiny holes so they can see (of course!!).

I am thinking of making a little pinata for us. The four of us could go for a picnic at the park and have fun breaking the pinata. Yes, I am definitely doing it, it would be really especial for the summer. I will try to make a tutorial for the pinata.