One of my dreams has always been to make my children clothes, to sew their clothes, but I am not very confident with my sewing machine and I am always scared of ruining the fabric, or to spend hours sewing something (which can maybe take half an hour to an intermediate seamstress) and then realise it doesn’t fit.

But even though all these worries, I have made stuff, easy stuff that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. And they doesn’t look so bad… well, at least that’s what I think 🙂

Few months ago, for World Book Day, my b.boy’s class was reading the book The night pirates by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright, so they asked the children to dress up as a character from the book. My son wanted to go as Tom, the main character, a little boy dressed with striped pyjamas. So I decided to make him “the pyjamas”.

The fabric was easy to find, in my local fabric shop. Very soft cotton. And for the pattern, I used one of his pyjamas.

I started it the night before (as usual) and it was ready for next morning.

When he woke up and saw it he was soooo happy, but suddenly he looked at me and said: “Mummy, but you forgot the red scarf!!”

So I just looked through my stash, found some red fabric (it was actually corduroy), cut a triangle and tied it on his neck. It looked PERFECT!!! 😀

Also, the night before, after the pyjamas were ready I made a small pirate flag, with some felt and a small wooden stick.

The result, a very happy boy very proudly saying all his friends: “My mum made it LAST NIGHT!!!”

I just wish he could say it more. I promise I will try harder.