Few weeks ago I got this pattern from Made. My boy was having a school trip to the beach and I wanted him to be warm and dry.

I have been looking for a robe for him everywhere and I didn’t like the designs, or when the design was OK then the quality of the fabric was really bad. So I finally decided to make him a robe and bought the pattern.

The design was so cute, but the only problem was the sizes were just from 9 months to 4T, and my boy is 7. I still bought it thinking resizing it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I have never resized a pattern before so I just did a little research online and found this website with a simple explanation on how to resize a pattern. It was made for a doll (to make a smaller pattern), but I used the same method to make the pattern bigger. It doesn’t work all the time, so you still need to take measures for your child and keep checking everything is fitting properly.

In the end I really liked the result and my boy LOVED IT (he kept telling his friends I made it), even though I used the wrong bias tape (told you, I am not a professional seamstress or closer to that). Also, keep in mind I made the robe the day BEFORE it was needed and finished it about 3 o’clock in the morning) πŸ™‚



Also, please keep in mind these pictures were taking early in the morning, with a non fully cooperative cheeky boy who was desperate to keep watching his favourite morning tv program πŸ˜‰

I highly recommend everyone to buy this pattern, or any other of the patterns from Dana, they are all so cute.