I just wanted to show you few pictures of my children’s past birthday parties.

I really enjoy this time of the year, every year.  The invites, the pinata, the little presents to take home. I always make a pinata for them.

This one was my little boy’s 2nd birthday party and the theme was MR. MEN:

The cake… (we got it from a big store)

The pinata … poor Mr. Bump

The next one was my big boy’s 6th birthday, and the theme was The Cat in the hat.

Lots of thing were done.

My super clever husband decorated the cake. He said it looked funny, but I loved it!!

I made the fish bowl out of cardboard, and the Cat in the Hat so the children could put their face in the hole and take pictures. It was really fun!!


And I also made each of my sons t-shirts and hats.

For the t-shirts I just made a drawing of Thing 1 and 2 on white fabric and sewed it onto a red t-shirt.

The hat was made using this instructions: http://www.craftelf.com/Craft_elf_sewing_felt_top_hat_sewing_instructions.htm

And last, my big boy’s 7th birthday party. The theme: ROBOTS!! (he is obsessed with robots)

Unfortunately I din’t have much time to make lots of stuff for him, so let me show you the pinata.



Again, the children had a SMASHING time, and I am looking forward already to next year.

I will be showing more past parties soon!!